About Us

 Sandra Mishkin, nickname Chach, was born in a small city in Belgium called Liege. She grew up in the clothing business. Her father had retail stores all over Belgium. At the age of 10, she was already learning the business and helping her father to buy for his stores. She knew at a young age that she had a passion for fabrics and for fashion.
  When she finished High School, she moved to New York. She attended NYU University at night and worked during the day in a high end boutique on Madison Avenue. Very quickly, her boss knew that Sandra had a talent to put outfits together for her customers. It did not take long before the high society of the upper east side would come to the store and ask her for help to put outfits together for their special occasions.
After 3 years of hard work at the store, she was ready to do something on her own. In 1982 she went to Paris and discovered the hottest line in Europe. She met the owners and convinced them she was the right person to bring the line to the States. NAF- NAF was born. Everything after that became an extraordinary adventure. She started to wholesale the line in New York and after the first year, she was selling to hundreds of stores across the United States. She was very excited with the success but not satisfied. She still needed to create and design her own line.
During the summer of 2002, on a boat trip in Turkey with a group of friends, she became inspired to start her first clothing line. She observed that all her friends loved beach clothing but could not find a line of beachwear that was fashionable and well priced. She started by designing 3 styles of tuniques for girls and 1 for women. The new line Chach was born. It was an instant success. Buyers loved it and asked her to create more prints and more styles.
The line today consist of 60 styles for mother/daughter and is sold in over 250 stores around the world. Her frequent trips to the south of France and Belgium kept her sense of European fashion and style. New additions to the Chach line include casual shirts for men/boys to wear on the beach.